Train of Thought Tour 2004

TRAIN OF THOUGHT TOUR 2004Photos by Darko BoehringerTrain of Thought Tour was the 2004 world tour by Dream Theater, promoting their seventh studio album of the same name. The tour used the now-familiar An Evening With Dream Theater format, playing lengthy shows with a surprisingly sharp emphasis on changing setlists and incorporating cover songs. Early on in the tour, the … Read More

Tourbulence Tour 2002

WORLD TOURBULENCE TOUR 2002Photos by Darko BoehringerWorld Tourbulence was a world tour by Dream Theater supporting their sixth album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence. Dream Theater started with a “warm-up” leg in North America in January 2002, which continued with a European leg later that month. The tour continued with a more substantial North American leg in March, an Asia … Read More